August Vacations Are Cool.


Do you guys ever get in those moods where the only thing that will help you calm down or get in your feels is music? Music has such an important roll in my life. I could be on top of the world one minute listening to rihanna and the next I’m listening to james arthur in my room with a churro and Friends playing.

Weird I don’t know.

Damn a churro sounds so good right now.

Okay, basically I just wanted to share some news with you guys. The music thing was an obvious observation and just something that was on my mind so kinda irrelevant to the post but whatever.




Gosh that felt good to say. I’m so freaking excited I wanna stand on this chair in the middle of Starbucks and yell it at everyone.

I’d probably get kicked out though and I kinda like this place so I’ll keep it cool.

But yesssss, I’m going with my roommate in August from the 9th to the 18th! So if any one of y’all are in Costa Rica or have ever been there, hit me up or hit me up with ideas on what to do when I get there!

I’m staying at an airbnb in Montezuma and it’s the cutest little treehouse I’ve ever laid eyes on ❤

It was just a random idea I had earlier this month that I wanted to go on a trip before school started yanno to lessen the blow of classes and such. 9 days to not think about responsibilities sounds good to me.

I wanna see some cute lil creatures. Be greeted by monkeys and armadillos and pretty birdies in the morning. I’ll be posting hella pictures too while I’m there on my Instagram so if you guys don’t follow me, I’ll help ya out.

~ @abbyhallman ~

^^^^^^^^^^ There she is. Enjoy friends.

I’m gonna need help packing too cause I have absolutely no idea how to pack. I suck at it.

As much as I travel, I should probably know how to simplify and be smart about what I bring but no, I still suck.

So if anyone has any advice on how to help me out or even comment some youtube videos I could watch, I would appreciate ya very much. Anything helps, I promise.

Help a girl out, she’s desperate.

Also, I’ll be posting a couple blog posts too just to keep you guys updated on my adventures and fun activities I will be doin even if you don’t care.

I’m just ready for some sun, no work, ocean, culture, and amigos 🙂

Short post today but I wanted to stay in touch since I haven’t had much time lately!

I’ve been awful keeping this thing up to date so I apologize friendlies but I’ll hopefully get better soon. I’ll post quotes more often at least. My life isn’t interesting enough to post constantly to update you cause you all would be bored within 5 minutes I promise.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend. Spend it with friends, family, strangers, your turtle, or your favorite book!

Thanks guys for readin my thoughts once again, come back for some quotes or more posts when I get the time! Follow me too so you know when I post instead of going through the hassle to check everyday to see if I’ve kept up with my responsibilities.. Which um spoiler alert, I probably haven’t.


Don’t be afraid to message me either or comment to ask me anything! I’m so down to meeting you all!

Love every single one of you pnuts 

Peace & Blessings ❤



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