New Experiences – The Scary & The Exciting

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I know so many of us are terrified to try new things and others would jump off a cliff the first instinct they get that it’s safe.

Well, for me moving to Utah, that’s a pretty new experience. And if you follow me on any social media, you’ll see all these amazing pictures of me having the time of my life and just the best summer ever.

Now I’m not saying I’m not in any way BUT I have had hardships being here already for just a couple weeks.

The exciting is the new atmosphere, the new environment, and getting to meet wonderful people.

I wake up excited for the day and what it could entail! I get happy knowing I haven’t discovered everything about the area. I would move to a different state next summer in a heartbeat.

12/10 would recommend trying a new place to live.

However, it’s not all sunshines and rainbows and pretty mountains all the time.

I’ve had roommate troubles, job issues, you name it. It all comes with the package of spontaneity.

The art of figuring it out as you go.

I have never had this issue because whenever I have a situation to deal with, I focus on those positives that most people look past.

What good does only focusing on the negative do?


It’s painful.

Realize what you have and how blessed you truly are no matter how awful your problems are, there’s always a light no matter how small.

“Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

I don’t mean to say this to be cheesy at all (cause it’s coming off very deep and cheesy). I say this to be real.

We hear it all the time but have you ever listened to people and took their advice.

We always think “They don’t understand”, “My situation is different”, “How can they say that? It never works”.

You’re probably right, they might not. But that doesn’t mean those people haven’t had any situation similar or aren’t trying to help you.

Those who stick around and go out of their way to help you don’t need to understand. They just need to be present.

Keep those humans in your life, they’re hard to find nowadays.

But don’t make it harder for them to help you. Open up enough to let them. I know it’s hard, trust me, it’s taken me years to find people to trust and open up to.

However, because I did open up, I’ve met some of the most genuine people that I have the honor to call my best friends.

Nothing is ever as bad as it seems.

I know honey, your situation could feel like a death or the end of the world but I promise you it isn’t.

All you wanna do is sit and cry and feel bad and think that there’s nothing you can do.

Your’e wrong. 

Find that person, that hobby, that song, that light that will always help you when you’re stressed or in pain. It will change your life.

If you haven’t found it yet, then for gods sake try everything. Don’t wait for it to come to you.

Yoga is a HUGE stress reliever for me as well as writing. I learned I’m a person who likes to get it out whether on paper, through this blog, or talking to someone.

How did I figure that out?

I did it enough to realize my love for it.

I tried it for the first time, and then again, and then again and I got addicted.

Everyone has to start somewhere.

Don’t be a lazy ass sitting on the couch all the time thinking netflix is your stress reliever because it takes you away from the world for a period of time.

Please try to find a healthy way to deal with it.

If any of you want to talk to me about any situation you’re dealing with or even just want to talk about the kind of sandwich you had the other day, I’ll be here to listen.

I’ll be present always. 

Thanks so much for reading guys, I know my posts get deep sometimes and I’ll try to lighten them up soon but I base them off my life in the time being and what I’m feeling. Don’t be afraid to reach out or even ask me questions about my life or anything in general!

I know a couple cool random facts if that interests any of you 🙂

Hope to hear from you all and hope you enjoy the crazy content I decide to write about! Love you all and I hope you have a blessed Wednesday.

Peace & Blessings ❤



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