Insecure Insecurities


We all have them. Insecurities. They’re those little nuisances that pry at our feelings, our moods, and even our well being at a constant rate. But why.

That’s the real question.


Why do these insecurities have that kind of power to determine even a persons moods. It’s ridiculous.

The worst part is that people don’t notice these insecurities but you think it’s the first thing they see. Sometimes it makes you act differently.

It truly has to the power to change the way you act around people and the way you try to cover them up.

I’ve struggled with a few insecurities throughout my life but I’ve just recently realized that trying to hide them is only making me hide who I truly am. I won’t post pictures or even keep pictures that show any kind of my insecurity.

I can tell you guys right now, my biggest insecurity is my mole and my birthmark on my right cheek. They are directly on top of each other and I have hated it since the day they appeared.

I would take pictures on only one side every time, I used to edit them out when I posted pictures, I would cover them up with my hair, I mean I went to extensive lengths to try and impress.

But what was the point of impressing. Who was I impressing? I was so insecure that I honestly didn’t want to look people in the eye because I thought they were looking at my cheeks and the things that made me different.

I can’t believe to this day how much it controlled my life.

It doesn’t matter how small your insecurity is, don’t let it affect your personality and who you are as a person. Don’t let it ruin you. That’s the worst thing that can happen.

Try to be the power behind it. Learn to conquer the fear of thinking that people judge you by that insecurity of yours. You have the power to let it affect you.

If you don’t let it bother you, and you even embrace it, you’re life will be so beyond what it already is, I guarantee you. Not having to worry about something so little and stupid has helped me realize what is important in life.

This post is really freakn deep but it does mean a lot to me. I’ve never been openly able to talk about my insecurities because I’ve struggled with them for so long.

I just want you guys to know that they shouldn’t control you. Please, for me, understand that people don’t look at those insecurities the same way you do, if even at all. One less thing to worry about is one step closer to feeling as if you’re on cloud 9 day in and day out.

Many people don’t get this feeling often because they struggle with so many inner demons.

Overcome them. It’ll change everything.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you all take a little bit from each of my blogs! Whether you do or not, I’ll be here writing no matter what. Let me know if you guys have any questions for me or even want to talk!

I’d really love to meet you all if I could so don’t be afraid to comment or even email me or message me, whatever you feel is easiest! I post whenever I have time but feel free to hit that follow button on the bottom of the page so it lets you know every time I post! Once again

Peace & Blessings



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