I Wanted A Perfect Ending

“I wanted a perfect ending. Now I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next. Delicious Ambiguity.” ― Gilda Radner


Fear Of Living


Hey guys so I don’t know about you but I have been kind of in the slumps lately. I’ve been in a definite rut. It’s not a fun place to be. If you haven’t been in a rut ever I would not advise it.

I’m that type of person that hates doing the same thing all the time. I truly despise it. I want to be out doing something different everyday whether it’s reading a new chapter in my book in a different spot or trying something I’ve never done before. It could be even trying a new type of food at a place I always go to.

It doesn’t have to be insane, I just want it to be different.

So you can understand my pain being a college student because what else do we have time for other than classes, studying or working. I’ll tell you. Absolutely freakn nothing.

What a life right. People hype up college so much but they don’t tell you the stress, time management, or hardships you have to endure.

Okay I know I’m making this sound way more dramatic than it actually is but you get the idea. For people with mindsets like mine who don’t want to go out every weekend to drink and only want to try to find new things to do, have it quite difficult.

So my rut lately is trying to balance everything I want to be involved with, get good grades, still do the things I’m passionate about (traveling, writing, photography), make money, do activities I’ve never done before, and be able to get a coffee without wanting to jump off a bridge knowing the amount of mula I have in my account.

Sounds impossible right.

Well it is.

I have not been able to master the skill of time management or money management and its screwing me over. Money management is hard because well, I have to eat, I need gas going to and from work, and I don’t have time to go in to work as much considering I have classes to go to and study for.

We’re paying thousands of dollars to have our life taken from us these 4 years and for what. So we can get our dream job? Most people graduate college not knowing what they want to do with their lives or end up in a job they absolutely hate.

Now they have all this debt, all this stress, and they’re unhappy with their life. What the heck are we doing seriously. Gaining experiences and making connections will help you gain the knowledge you want to have that you know you will use in your future, as well as finding yourself and what you actually enjoy doing.

At least that’s what I assume. I’m in college, I’m being a complete hypocrite right now.

However, many of us are terrified. Yes, you understand everything I’m saying and yes you want to do something about it but what are you going to do. Nothing, and you know it.

You would much rather go through life the safe way, wasting your money, and ending up unhappy. WHY.


I have it too, I’m not saying I’m about to drop out and live the life I want. I don’t think that’s smart anyways. Want to hear my plan?

My plan currently as a 21 year old third year college student, is to save up a bunch of money, suffer through this next year and a half, and travel when I’m done. I’m going to travel everywhere.

Yes, I will be in debt but I am already into the middle of my third year of college. I’ve already spent this much, and gone through this much, might as well push through and come out with a degree whether I use it or not in my future.

This doesn’t have to be everyones plan. Many of you have a specific path you know you want to take and you know exactly where you’re going. I applaud you. Please keep doing you.

But for those of you who don’t have a plan, my biggest piece of advice is to get out there. Go see the world, meet new people, try new things, and to attempt to not be afraid. Really try hard. You never know who you might meet or who/ what might change your life forever.

Within seconds, your life can change dramatically, just think about that.

Be one of the few people who conquer their fears in the hopes of finding the life they want to live. I’m going to do it with you. We’re in this together I promise.

Thanks so much for reading guys, I know this part always sounds recorded and copied/pasted but I actually do appreciate you all for taking time out of you day to listen to my rants. I’d also love to hear where all of you are from! Write down below where you guys are right now!

It’s super easy to comment and I’m pretty good at getting back to everyone! Don’t be afraid! I’d like to think I’m a pretty approachable person 🙂  Again, I post every Monday/Tuesday and Friday/Saturday! Come back for daily quotes as well!

Peace & Blessings ❤


You Can’t Change The Past

“It’s hard to accept, but you can’t change the past. You can’t go back and manipulate things to the way you wanted them to happen. Because life would be meaningless and boring and just not worth living. But you can change the future and that’s a beautiful thing about life. Yes, you will make mistakes. And yes, you will have bad days – but as long as you let the past go, you’ll have such a gorgeous and bright future ahead of you. Knowing that things were meant to happen. Knowing that each day you will learn something so that you keep growing to be a better person. Life is like a rope, twined in all its complexities and yet weaved into one marvelous stream that you have the chance you use something amazing from. So grab hold of it.”

Posted Up


I feel like everyone has that one spot that they’re always at. Like their Instagram pictures, snap stories, Insta stories are all in this same spot. It might be their room, a coffee shop, the library, their parents, a vacation home, whererever.

Everyone has the spot their always posted up at.

For me, I would probably say the Starbucks by my apartment. I swear I live here. The workers are always recognizing my ass when I walk in like every day. And I’m that type of hipster, tumblr, VSCO, artsy person that is obsessed with coffee shops.

So of course I’m going to take pictures here. I swear, my stories are all Starbucks logos. And I don’t want to hear the word basic out of anyones mouth. I don’t think Starbucks is basic at all.

It’s a coffee shop that millions of people visit every day, just because someone decided to connect going to Starbucks and being basic one time does not mean that if you purchase a drink from there or are there all the time that that considers you to be a basic person.

I’m sorry I get heated on this topic but I could easily be bias just because I’m here legit every day but I’m over it.

So where else do people usually post up? The gym? Ah yes, there are the gym rats that are constantly at the gym maybe even more than once I day… I pride these people. There’s no way I can spend more than an hour at the gym each day if I even go that day.

I honestly run out of things to do… I could look up exercises on safari or Instagram and see what everyone else is doing to get in shape but I’m not tryna sit there and figure out how a machine works when people are all around me watching my every move. Sorry. Pass.

I’m a typical stick to my regular 8 moves then I’m out of there. As long as I run and work off all the chocolate and ice cream I had the night before, I’m good.

I never used to be this way though. I was always the gym rat. I’m serious. I’d go to parties on the weekends and people would refer to me as “the girl from the gym”. Yeah, I was in pretty good shape I’d say.

Then sophomore year came. Eh. That was my motto.


“Eh. I can have another cookie, I’ll be fine.” “Eh. What’s another slice of pizza gonna do, I’m hungry.”

Yeah, so that happened. Anyways, I’m off topic like usual. I really don’t know what the point to this post is honestly, I’m just at Starbucks as I sit here and write this and thought it would be a good idea to write about but now I realize you guys are all probably bored as hell.

Well I apologize, I’ll come up with a better one this weekend.

Don’t you every notice that though? That you always end up in the same spot and are super familiar with a certain place? You could probably guess where everyone else’s spot is too. Especially your good friends.

Yeah some of you are like “oh yeah, Sheila is always at that one local sandwich shop”. “Yep, Becky is ALWAYS at the library”. “Monica always at the bars, please.”

This isn’t really an advice article, I’m just ranting and also just procrastinating on studying for the tests I have this week.

Anyways, comment below on where you guys are always posted up! I want to hear some of the places you guys are from as well! I’m posted up here in Ames, Iowa and I’d love to know where you guys are all from as well!

Hope you all have a blessed day and come back for daily motivational quotes and other shitty articles written by yours truly 🙂

Peace & Blessings ❤