Do you ever feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over again? You get up every morning, make the same coffee, make the same breakfast, go to the same classes or same work, study/ do the same material, etc.

It’s boring right?

I just had the realization after I turned off all the lights in my apartment like I do every single night (considering I’m always the last one up out of my roommates), plugged in my laptop and phone to their chargers, turned on my heated blanket and went to bed. It’s the sound the door made when I shut it behind me.

It was almost an eerie feeling like I’ve done this a million times… I hated it.

So I crawled into bed and just sat there like wow. This sucks. Why does this have to be this way?

We’re so used to our routines that we almost do it unconsciously nowadays. Many people have great routines that have helped them become very successful and I applaud you for getting into those habits!

However, there are also many people who are doing the same thing over and over again and staying in the same place. It’s straight logic. But that doesn’t mean you can’t change that.

It takes about 30-40 days to rewire your brain according to Jack Canfield. Creating habits aren’t easy, but when you have a timeline or a number of days you know you need to make it to, it gets a helluva lot easier.

Push through. Don’t give up please. Because realize this. After those 40 days, you’re not even going to realize it’s a habit anymore. You won’t even think about it.

That’s when the success comes. It’s going to start out rough, you might not see success, but even if you miss one day of the habit, you go back to the start.

It sounds like a game. But that’s the fun of it! I challenge you to start a good habit and stick with it for 40 days doing it every single day and never missing. Trust me, it’ll change your life.

However, when it comes to other activities in your daily life, switch it up a bit. If it’s not creating any benefits to you, quit doing it. Make time to do something different every day. Actually, do this.


~ Write down a list of 25 things that you love to do. Then put it somewhere you can see every day. I challenge you to do one of those things each day. Just pick one of them, and do it ~


Nobody wants to be on their death bed at the end of their life and realize that they did the same damn thing every single day and never experienced anything. That’s insanely boring cmon.

Think about when you have grandkids too. Do you remember your grandma or grandpa ever tell you about these crazy stories when they were younger? Don’t you want to be able to do the same?

I know I do. I want my stories to be crazier. I’m highly competitive so that would make sense, even if it’s my grandparents…

But I want to sit down and see those kids’ eyes light up when I talk to them about the life I’ve lived. I want them to take the idea that they want to live the same way.

I don’t wanna have to tell them about the wildest pastry I invented one time…. Or how I learned how to change a tire at the age of 16… No, that sucks.

So try and switch up the routines often, make it interesting. Try something new everyday, talk to a stranger, change your hair, whatever the hell you want.

Just make. things. interesting.

Thanks for reading friends I hope you enjoyed very much and I apologize for the timing but yanno inspiration can come at anytime from anywhere so there ya have it. Don’t forget to come back for daily quotes (that I am now starting to do again) and new articles every Monday/Tuesday and Friday/Saturday! Have a blessed day 🙂

Peace & Blessings ❤





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