Do You Ever Wonder


People wonder all the time. They think about everything, it’s human nature. But do you ever get deep and wonder if where you’re at right now in life is where you think you should be?

I do all the time.

I wonder if I’ll end up getting the dream job I want. I wonder if I am doing absolutely everything I can to ensure my future to be bright in this very moment. I wonder if I’ll ever find someone who shares the same passions as me and/or supports my crazy thoughts to succeed in this life.

But for now, I just want you guys to know that if you’re having these same thoughts that you’re not alone. I’m still trying to figure it out but I can tell you this, I’m excited as hell for the adventure.

Deep thinking can lead you to either a deep dark hole where you’re only surrounded by your thoughts or it can lead to you finding your dream life by using those thoughts and putting them into action. Don’t let them hang around, they’re no fun that way.

I love love love daydreaming. That’s the best kind of thinking. I do it so much that half the time when I’m talking to someone, I have to respond with “what” every five minutes of them trying to hold a conversation which don’t typically last long after that hahaha.

My mind just loves to soar to places I didn’t even know existed and I love it. As I write these blogs, you guys are getting a sneak peek into what actually goes on up there…

I’m basically getting my thoughts written out to where I can actually see them and that’s one of the reasons I love writing so much. I want to be able to live in an amazing tropical place while doing a numerous amount of activities and be able to vlog/blog about everything I’ve done.

I’m planning to do that very soon too. Possibly this summer, the only question is the destination.

My life was not meant to be lived in one place. That may be the same for many of you as well. My only advice to you though is to not be afraid to pursue that travel itch you’ve been having for so long now. That’s my biggest thing.

Ever since I went to Spain the summer of 2014, I haven’t once wanted to stop seeing the world. I stop spending money on materialistic items that will make me look better and instead I save up for future trips I could take.

Yes my dream job will come eventually whatever that may be. But in the meantime, I am pursuing something else I love and maybe things will fall in to place when I do. God has a plan for me and I stick by the saying “everything happens for a reason”.

I believe that so much because I know that He has a plan, and as much as I do to try and pursue what it is I am passionate about, I know He is going to be right by my side the entire time helping me when I fall. Giving me that pick me up I need in very subtle yet obvious ways.

I don’t doubt for a second that all of my downfalls have been there for a reason. I look at it as another lesson learned and that there’s only one direction once you’ve hit the bottom. Straight up.

Thanks again for reading homies, don’t forget to come back for more articles at least once a week! I’m horrible with consistency I will apologize forever for that but I hope you enjoy the ones I do post at least 🙂 Once again,

Peace & Blessings ❤



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