Ahhhh Sundazeeeee


Sundays. The day of the week where most people are able to relax a bit more after a full week of work and maybe some event they had on Saturday, or you had an insane weekend of partying and you’re ready to give the body a little break.

Either way, I agree they’re the days for relaxation. So grab your coffee, open up my blog, and start your day off right.

For me, getting up on a Sunday includes sleeping in, eating waffles for breakfast, going to church at 11, then coming home and starting the day.

Okay now it’s not like I need a set schedule every week but one thing that’s the same is the fact that I know I usually have nothing to do that day so I might as well spend it relaxing as much as possible.

Maybe I’ll take a bath today…?

Maybe I’ll read a book or magazine that I’ll have to dust off first before picking up…?

Maybe I’ll have a Harry Potter marathon…?

Whatever the hell you wanna do today is up to you. I really hope you’re not one of those people who still have insane work on Sunday where you don’t even get a chance to sit down :/

But for those of you who don’t have anything going on, THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER.

I really wish I lived somewhere where there was always events going on or something to do.

Like New York, I feel like those people never ever relax. Honestly, but if there was some event like a book club reading, a show, some poetry at a local coffee shop, whatever, I would be in heaven.

Okay that’s another topic when I’m talking about things to do because Sundays are about what you’re not going to do.

I’m one of those people who HATE not doing anything. No seriously. I don’t like to sit around for long periods of time wasting my life away when I could be out doing absolutely anything!

Maybe some of you are like me in the sense. So you’re probably reading this article like “alright sweets, maybe you have the time to not do anything on Sundays or have the patience to sit around and be relaxed, but some of us have responsibilities.”

And I totally get that one hundred percent. My thing is that I feel like people are so busy and involved all the time that they don’t EVER have a chance to even take a breather every once in a while.

That’s why I say Sunday. Even if you have a lot going on, at least try to take some sort of relaxing activity up on this day. Go somewhere quiet and just sit. Take a yoga class. Learn how to not stress at every moment of the day, it’s not healthy either.

You could even take breathers in your car if you’re that busy that you’re going from place to place all the time. All I hope for is that people around the world try to be less stressed no matter how hard it is in the world we live in today.

I can speak from my own stress free personality that it’s so much better to live this way. I don’t want to sit here and tell you how to live your life but I do want to sit here and make suggestions.

This stuff helps. I’m sure of it.

Now go enjoy your sundaze in any way you please!

Thanks so much for reading guys, I know this wasn’t the most exciting article I’ve ever written but there’s a point to it! I love you all and please oh please don’t be afraid to suggest anything about what you want me to write about or even give me pointers!

I love hearing from people about the stuff I write about! Come back daily for motivational quotes and fun facts on the bottom middle column of my main page! As always,

Peace & Blessings ❤





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